Why should my organisation participate?

The prime focus is Kingdom Expansion through information. The SACD serves this purpose by giving your organisation exposure, as well as giving you an understanding of those others who are advancing God’s Kingdom in the country.

Which other organisations are involved in the SACD?

Hopefully, everybody. So far we have been working with a handful of trustful partners involved for a long time in Kingdom Expansion.

What are the security implications?

We are using secure connections and your information is and remains private. However, the information people will have access to (such as the contact details of your organisation) is information that is already freely circulating on the web. The SACD is not requiring any personal information as the focus is on organisational information. Therefore the SACD complies with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPI ACT).

How will my profile stay up to date?

You will be given log-in details to come back and update your information when needed, through the “edit profile” procedure.

Will there be any costs involved at a later stage?

No. This process IS and always will be FREE. The sole purpose of this directory is Kingdom Expansion

What format should the company logo be?

Please load your logo in jpeg, gif or PNG format. PDF format is not exceptable. Do not load a file bigger than 1MB.