Toolkit – Scope


  1. Ensure coverage of all geographical areas of city/town
  2. Holistic transformation

Ensure coverage of all geographical areas of city/town (suburbs, neighbourhoods, townships, informal settlements, etc)

  • Metro’s are divided into Metro Regions, Sub Councils and Wards eg Cape Town has 8 Regions (Eastern, Khayalitsha, Klipfontein, Mitchells Plain, Northern, Southern, Tygerberg, Western), 24 Sub Councils and 116 Wards
  • Each of these regions/sub councils might have an own platform with leadership, geographical scope, and eco system
  • Phoenix in Durban has its own leadership, platform and eco system: ABC Ministries
  • In Tshwane there are minister fraternals in each of the suburbs, townships & church tradition; the TCLF focuses on building relationships with the heads of fraternals to influence their own constituencies
  • NMB has used the 60 Wards as geographical units. (In each Ward the following is mapped: Churches, NGOs, Schools, Health Services, Security Services)
  • War against Poverty in Naledi, Soweto, has also used Wards to map Churches and NGOs in each Ward: Ward 14 had 21 Churches and an example of a Local Form of Ecumenism accommodating all Christian Churches.
  • Smaller urban areas might have only one platform (one eco system)
  • Importance of interaction between macro (city/town) and micro (community or neighbourhood); both a top-down and bottom-up approach is needed
  • Alignment of resources can have a geographical or community focus eg community in
    a specific area

Holistic transformation

  • Intersectoral cutting across all spheres in society: spiritual (church, prayer), social (culture, language, nationality, family, welfare, safety), economic, business, education, health, justice, ethics, arts, sport, governance, political, environmental, media, technology & innovation, urban/spatial development, environment, security services etc
  • In some cities/towns there are a number of spheres/domains/focus areas
  • Durban: 7: Business & Economy, Government, Church, Education, Health, Family, Prayer.
  • Nelson Mandela Bay: 7 eg Economic Transformation, Unemployment & Poverty, Inequality in Education, Inequality in Health, Healing & Reconciliation, Restoration of the Family, Anchoring Democracy: variety of focus group networks eg TCN; NMB Church Leaders Network, NMB Intercessors Network, NMB Missions Steering Committee, City Changers, Worklife Ministry, CRL, NMB Pastors’ Breakfast, NGO Network, Heartlines: “what’s your story”.
  • Kingdom Valley LEANS: 12 Pillars/spheres: Prayer, Funding, Safety and Security, Food Security, Church Planting, Medical, Counselling, Education, Skills Development & Training, Media, Senior Citizens – Community Elders, and Social Justice. We have over 30 organisations collaborating in multiple aspects of ministry
  • Piet Retief: 13: Education, Health, Social & Community Development, Food Security & Agriculture, Entrepreneurship & SMMEs, Sports, Environment, Arts & Culture, Social Justice& Advocacy; Housing & Living Conditions; Disaster Relief; Safety & Security; Donations & Grants.
  • Alignment of resources can be domain-driven