Toolkit – Vision


  1. Clear vision and common cause
  2. Identify “what God has said” or “Prophetic Words” for your city/town
  3. What would you expect to see if God’s Kingdom come to your city/town?

Clear vision and common cause

• The WHY?
• The AIM?
• The COMMON CAUSE for existence?
• Align resources and efforts towards common causes eg Food Relief Programmes during COVID-19
• Clear outcomes to be achieved
Nelson Mandela Bay: Linking leaders to work in unity for the Transformation of Nelson Mandela Bay.
City Story in Durban: We exist to Connect and Activate a diverse group of people who believe, like us, that Durban can become one of the most desired African cities to live in.
The Kingdom Valley LEAN (Local Ecumenical Action Network). Kingdom Valley Lean in the Honeydew (KVLH), Muldersdrift (KVLM) and Windsor (KVLW) areas works with churches, NGO’s, businesses, schools, ministries and individuals joining hands in partnership and action. Working together, pooling resources and expertise into collaborative efforts. We continue to live out Kingdom values, serving the best way we can for the benefit of others. The question we always ask is – “How can we serve the Lord and how can we serve one another so as to see His Kingdom being extended on Earth as it is in Heaven?”
Tshwane Church Leadership Forum: We believe that God has called us, as the Tshwane Church Leadership Forum, to serve our city, by facilitating current and future leaders of our city, to live the true and holistic mission of the Kingdom of God.
Rustenburg Transformation Centre: We aim to equip individuals, families and businesses within the community of Rustenburg to live as followers of Jesus Christ.
Asibambisane Impact Platform in Piet Retief: Let us hold together.
• Question is if you want to bring Christian Worldview concepts into vision or to have it “neutral”

Identify “what God has said” or “Prophetic Words” for your city/town

Write down prophetic words for city/town

• Leviticus 26:4-12. ecological & economic health; personal, civil & regional security; prosperity; His presence
• Nehemiah 2:17. Rebuilding the walls of the city (Nehemiah Vision in Nelson Mandela Bay)
• Isaiah 65: 17-25. God describes Jerusalem as a rejoicing, joyful, healthy, prosperous, and safe community in which people find unhindered communion with Him.
• Jeremiah 29:7. A united, holistic, sustainable effort by the citywide Church to seek the peace, prosperity and welfare of their city
• John 17: 20-23. “…so that they all may be one….”
• Zechariah 8: 4-5: People sitting and children playing in the streets
• Shalom: completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquillity, prosperity, perfection, fullness, rest & harmony
• Biblical values in all spheres of society


What would you expect to see if God’s Kingdom come to your city/town?

• Platt, 2017: 21-24; picture of when God’s Kingdom comes to your city or town
– I see 1 000s of people bowing down and surrender before the Lord
– I see 1 000s of people celebrating and acknowledge the presence of the Lord
– I see the restoration of families and homes
– I see dads playing with their sons and moms with their daughters
– I see single parents embraced with love
– I see children excited to go to school
– I see artists being creative and inspirational
– I see businesses building the economy and create jobs
– I see people with compassion reaching out to those in need
– I see people crossing the divides of race, culture and church traditions
– I see churches walking in unity
– I see sports persons with a testimony for Christ
– I see media sharing the good news of Christ
– I see cities filled with the presence of the Lord

Mental map of an ideal city/town

• Spiritual
• Economic
• Social
• Community
• Cultural & Arts
• Families
• Governance
• Leadership
• Educational
• Health
• Media
• Inequality
• Security
• Spatial layout
• Infrastructure
• Basic services
• Environmental
• Land
• Other