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According to the Lausanne City Collaboration for Kingdom Transformation Paper the following are some of the obstacles and challenges which can be experienced during any Kingdom City Transformation. Each of these obstacles can be evaluated from different perspectives within your specific city over a period of time.

Obstacle/Challenge Significance of obstacle/challenge


1.    Denominationalism
2.    Theological differences
3.    Spiritual strongholds
4.    Lack of vision
5.    Lack of leadership
6.    Lack of neutral platform facilitating a citywide process
7.    Succession of leadership
8.    Inadequate ability to execute action by church leaders
9.    Lack of networking and building relationships between church leaders
10.     Lack of involvement of church leaders and ministries from poorer areas
11.     Lack of urban theological education and training for urban ministry, urban systems and structures
12.     Lack of understanding of city planning, policy processes, IDPs and Ward Committees
13.    Lack of interaction between church, business, government and academic leaders
14.     Lack of involvement of business and academic leaders in city process
15.     Lack of interaction between churches and NPOs
16.     Lack of networking between NPOs/CBOs
17.     Lack of prayer
18.     Lack of prophetic insight
19.     Fear of sheep stealing
20.     Empire building
21.     Inadequate involvement of media
22.     Overwhelming nature of city
23.     Working with non Christian/Secular entities
24.     Lack of agreement on challenges
25.     Intellectualism (talk) vs action
26.     Looking for quick fixes
27.     Event driven
28.     Inadequate research
29.    Lack of measurement of change or impact
30.    Lack of funding and resources to sustain citywide process


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